Me, Grimlock King of All Autobots! – The Transformers Issue #27 – 1987

An opening for leader of the Autobots creates a power struggle within the group. The Dinobots return so that Grimlock and claim the right to be leader for the sheer reason that he is the strongest. Meanwhile a Decepticon bean counter named Ratbat is cutting off the Decepticons’ use of the Space Bridge because of all the fuel expenditures. He’ll let Shockwave have one last crazy scheme and he sends Trypticon through to destroy the Autobots in The Ark. Yep, that plan should go perfectly.

The issue opens on some college students (Rachel Becker and Graduate Assistant, Marty Cooper) and their professor (Professor Robert Paaswell) in the Cascade mountain range looking at what they believe are dinosaur tracks. Trees are broken all over the place. The professor points out that the footprints are large enough and on scale with dinosaurs but they are not from dinosaurs. The professor points out that the edges of the footprints are two straight, almost mechanical and that not creature, alive or dead made their prints. He writes it off as an elaborate hoax. As they head out of the woods they see a Pterodactyl fly overhead. They are stunned and try to follow it, but it is too fast.

The Pterodactyl is Swoop of the Dinobots. The Dinobots have not been seen since their departure from the Autobots in Issue #19. Now they are living in the woods and stealing fuel from the humans. Swoop steals and entire oil tanker as the trucker sits in a diner having his dinner. No, it is not Bomber Bill, if it were, then he’d be all fired up and would have gone looking for the culprits.

Swoop flies the tanker of oil into the woods and drops it at the feet of the other Dinobots. They have gorge themselves because they need fuel to take on, The Autobots! Swoop has been spying on them and he has learned that Optimus Prime is dead. This is a perfect time for the Dinobots to come in and take leadership control of the Autobots. They will no longer be outcasts. They will be in charge.

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