Transformers Rebels Blaster and Goldbug – The Transformers Issue #28 – 1987

Blaster and Goldbug go in search of The Mechanic. They are attacked by the Portland P.D. They are threatened by the new Autobot Leader Grimlock and then they are beaten by The Mechanic once again. Blaster and Goldbug join forces with the Portland P.D. and take down The Mechanic’s operation but manage to lose him once again. Instead of reporting their failure to the new Autobot King… I mean Leader, they strike out on their own.

The issue opens on The Mechanic stealing a radar dish from an airport. I’m not talking a tiny little direct TV satellite dish. I’m talking a gigantic one that fits in the back of an 18 wheeler. The Mechanic still has the Power Booster Rod and he’s using it to commit crimes all over the place. He also has Ratchet’s Laser scalpel and Cryogenic Sprayer. The Mechanic is loading the radar dish into the truck when some MPs show up. They tell him to drop his weapons and put his hands up. The Mechanic obliges to at least one of those and he uses the Laser Scalpel to blast one wheel of a jeep and the Cryogenic Sprayer to freeze the other jeep. Then he and Juan take off.

We then head to a rundown industrial section of Portland where a familiar looking VW Bug is parked. Inside is a rad red and yellow tapedeck. It is Goldbug and Blaster on a Stakeout. They are staking out Forbes Garage and have been for the past two days. They are on the lookout for The Mechanic so that they can recover what he stole from Ratchet and the Ark. As they sit and wait two punks, Fuzzy and Deadhead, come up to the car and attempt to open the door. they insult Goldbug and so he starts to mess with them. He opens his door and immediately slams it. Then he does it again. One of the guys picks up a big rock to smash the window and Goldbug drives off. The two guys are so freaked out they run away and run smack dab into two of Portland’s finest who are undercover. Detectives Altman and Greco.

Goldbug and Blaster return to The Ark where the new leader of the Autobots is settling into his new role. In fact, he’s decided that as the leader he needs a crown. Grimlock has some major delusions of grandeur and he has very little patience when it comes to results. Grimlock is also talking much more like he did in the cartoon in a very unintelligent way. This is a departure from him saying that he wasn’t worthy to lead the Autobots last issue. The one where everyone insisted that he become the leader. Boy were they wrong about that. He’s a tyrant, which shouldn’t me a surprise to anyone being that his alt form is that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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