Transformers Issue 36

Four Children Blast Off with Blaster – The Transformers Issue #36 – 1988

A Red, White and Blue Space Shuttle streaks emerges from a wormhole. Apparently it is something that can energize a bot because Sky Lynx feels like he’s newly built after emerging from warping. Sky Lynx has come to Earth’s Solar System because Wheeljack sent him a subspace communication. Sky lynx arrives a few hours before the events of the end of the last issue. He is in space at the same time as The Ark and Blaster, the kids and their Decepticon captive, Blast Off. Sky Lynx recounts his time on Cybertron and how it has just gotten worse. He was more than willing to head to Earth to help his buddy Wheeljack. Apparently Wheeljack has helped Sky Lynx out of many jams in the past.

Wheeljack must have decided that he really was going to help Blaster based on the events of the last issue. Grimlock is getting worse and worse so Wheeljack felt that he had to act. The Autobots are on The Ark and out in space looking for the Mode Lock signal to track Blaster. Grimlock demands to know why they have not found Blaster yet. Wheeljack explains that the signal is very weak. Grimlock only wants results and so he chokes Wheeljack and demands no more excuses.

We then check back in with the kids and see that they are goofing around on their space joyride in Blast Off. AS Sammy goes floating around the cockpit he grabs on to the handle of the airlock. Blaster shouts at him to let go of that. If he was to pull the latch he would be sucked out into space. Then Blaster tells the kids to stop goofing around, he has better things to do than chauffeur the kids around the galaxy. He has to stop Grimlock and get the Autobots back on task stopping the Decepticons. Then they notice that The Ark is coming after them and shooting. This brings us back up to the end of the previous issue.

In The Ark Grimlock is shouting at Wheeljack to destroy Blast Off and therefore Blaster. Wheeljack is deliberately trying not to hit Blast Off but he also is wondering why Blaster would be with Blast Off. Wheeljack then gets a transmission from Sky Lynx. Sky Lynx wants to know if Wheeljack needs any help catching the Decepticon ship. Wheeljack has him hang back for the time being. He will be needed soon.

Inside Blast Off Blaster knows that they cannot outrun The Ark and he is going to give himself up. He slows Blast Off to a stop. Sammy then does something that should have killed all of them. He opens the airlock hatch and throws Blaster out of Blast Off. However, someone didn’t tell the artist, the colorer or the editor because they all thought that Blaster was getting tossed out of Sky Lynx. Whoops. That was a big error.

The Ark grabs Blast Off and pulls it into the cargo bay. The Dinobots all get poised around the spaceship with their weapons drawn. Wheeljack tells them to hold their fire as the kids exit Blast Off. The kids surrender.

Outside, Blaster is floating in space but cannot fully propel himself. He spies a television satellite and decides to use the propulsion units on that to get himself around.

Back on The Ark Wheeljack is taking the kids through the ship. They don’t exactly trust him but they stay with him and see all sorts of things through the ship. Wheeljack has the kids step inside a machine. They are afraid that he is going to kill them but he assures them that they will not be harmed by him. The machine actually fabricates space suits for the children, including Robin’s bear, Daisy. These suits will keep the kids warm and they also have a two-hour supply of air. That can be recharged when needed.

Slag tells Wheeljack that the kids are to stand before Grimlock for their trial. Grimlock says that because they are not even full grown humans that they do not deserve an actual trial. Grimlock demands that the kids tell him where Blaster is. They tell him the truth, that they helped Blaster escape. This angers Grimlock and he tells them that they must pay for aiding a traitor. Wheeljack attempts to reason with Grimlock and he gets angry and asks if anyone dare defy Grimlock. He then declares that the children are guilty and are to be sentenced to death.

Snarl comes to Grimlock as a voice of temperance and reason. He mentions that there are many Autobots who have strong sympathies for humans. Grimlock tells Snarl that he does not intend to kill the humans but use them as bait to lure Blaster into saving them. The assembled Autobots go with the kids to walk the plank. The kids are forces out into space. Wheeljack was ordered back to the communications area and while he was there he radioed Sky Lynx to come and pick up the humans.

AS Sky Lynx races to save the kids Blaster is guiding the satellite towards The Ark. Grimlock severs the tether that is keeping the kids tied to The Ark. He begin to float and tumble about. Sky Lynx scoops them all up in his mouth and into his cargo hold. Both Blaster and Grimlock wonder, “who is that?” when they see Sky Lynx. The satellite does its job and Blaster grasps the rockets on the back of The Ark. Unfortunately it is at the same moment when the engines kick on and ignite, causing Blaster to endure very high heat.

Aboard Sky Lynx the kids are getting to know him. They are playing about and tumbling int he zero gravity. Then they notice that The Ark is in pursuit. Sky Lynx decides that he is going to try and lose The Ark in an asteroid belt. The Dinobots jump out of The Ark and pursue Sky Lynx. Sky Lynx converts into Lynx mode and jumps from Asteroid to Asteroid. He is easily outrunning and out maneuvering the Dinbots.

Blaster survived the roasting from the engines. He climbs into The Ark while Sky Lynx runs all over the asteroids. The Dinobots cannot keep up. When Blaster appears in a doorway he is met by some excited Autobots. They want Blaster to take over as leaders. They implore him to challenge Grimlock for the title of leader of the Autobots.

The kids are cheering for Sky Lynx but it looks like the end of the line for them because the Dinobots have them surrounded. On The Ark Wheeljack tells Blaster that the kids are going to run out of air very soon. Blast tells them that he has to do what he has to do and that is to protect those children. He tells the Autobots that they, too have to do their job and protect the planet’s inhabitants.

Blaster attempts to step out of the The Ark but is blocked by Jetfire who offers to lead a force against the Dinobots. Blaster tells him no because that would endanger the humans and make everything that he just said meaningless. Blaster goes to do the one thing that will guarantee the safety of the children. He surrenders to Grimlock.

This issue is titled – Spacehikers


Blaster, Wheeljack, Grimlock, Sky Lynx, Snarl, Slag, Sludge, Swoop, Cosmos, Tracks, Grapple, Skids, Beachcomber, Perceptor, Seaspray, Silverbolt, Hotspot First Aid, Warpath, Air Raid, Blades, Prowl, Omega Supreme, Ratchet, Powerglide, Gears, Jetfire and possibly Trailbreaker


Blast Off – Stuck in Vehicle Mode

Robin – Jed’s Little Sister
Daisy – Robin’s Teddy Bear

Comic Book Team for The Transformers Vol. 1, No. 36 January, 1988.

Writer – Bob Budiansky
Penciler – Jose Delbo
Finishes – Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letters – Diana Albers
Colors – Nel Yomtov
Editor – Don Daley
Editor-In-Chief – Tom Defalco

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