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TMNT Mutations – Mikey, Metalhead and Leonardo

I got three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutations figures to check out and review. These are some fun figures. I really liked the Michelangelo one and the Metalhead one. The other figure was a transforming Leonardo figure that turns from a pet turtle to a Ninja Turtle. I wasn’t as impressed with the transformation on this one because of the back legs. Check out what I had to say on the video below.

The mix and match Mutations figures are great. The parts can be easily swapped around to make all sorts of new figures. There isn’t a whole lot I could do with just the two characters. I do like having a Metalhead figure now and the Mikey figure is pretty sweet. It is actually taller than the other Mikey figure that I have. I think I should get a few more of these figures.

Mikey and Metalhead TMNT Mutations

I will probably keep Leonardo in the Ninja Turtle mode, I wasn’t a fan of the rubber back legs in the transformation. I couldn’t get it to look too right. The concept was an interesting one and it is cool to be able to do the transformation sequence from when the turtles changed from pets to anthropomorphic Ninja Teens doing Ninja things.

Transforming Leonardo Mutations - Pet Turtle

These are some fun figures and there are a bunch out there. I want to pick up Tigerclaw, he is a great looking figure. The Leo Figure does look good in Ninja Turtle Form.

Transforming Leonardo - Ninja Turtle