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The Transformers – Ongoing Series Issue #17 – 1986 – Return to Cybertron Part 1

We are finally back to Cybertron. We are 17 issues in and are getting caught up with all the Transformers living on Cybertron. Cybertron has not fared well over the past 4 Million years or 50,000 Vorns (equa1 to approximately 83 Earth Years.) We also learn that a Breem is (8.3 Earth Minutes). I’m not sure why 8.3 is significant to the units of measure on Cybertron, but it is interesting. Cybertron is split between the two warring factions but then there are just regular citizens. The Decepticons are rounding up all the regular citizens and dropping them into a Smelting Pool for raw materials.

Three of these slaggers (What the Decepticons call them) are being pursued and Blaster takes out one of the Decepticons. Blaster is a wicked badass on Cybertron. He’s a one man commando unit. While he’ll save these other Transformers he has very little love for them. He’s got one guy who helps him with information. The guy’s name is Scrounge and he desperately wants to be part of the Autobots. Scrounge has a very special arm. He can extend his two fingers to record audio and video. Scrounge spies on the Decepticons inside Darkmount, the Decepticon’s stronghold in the Province of Polyhex. Unfortunately his fingers brush a sensor and this alerts the Decepticons. Shrapnel finds him and captures him. Scrounge can turn into a single wheel. He wasn’t fast enough to get away from Shrapnel.

Meanwhile Blaster goes to the Autobot base where he will catch up with the other Autobots. The Autobots there are Powerglide, Cosmos, Seaspray, Warpath, Beachcomber and Base commander Perceptor. Blaster wants to go after Scrounge by infiltrating Darkmount. Perceptor refuses to have anyone go to Darkmount. He also shows the other Autobots some statues of the Autobotos from The Ark. We can see Optimus, Bumblebee and Wheeljack clearly. Blaster tells Perceptor to sit there and rust with the statues, he’s going to find Scrounge. See… badass. Peceptor is outvoted and the Autobots go in search of information on Scrounge.

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