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I’ve Been Smashing Up The Railyard – The Transformers Issue #35 – 1987

We open on a railyard somewhere in Northern California. There are kids playing on the train cars. They are playing some sort of space wars game where they are pretend shooting each other with ray guns. But more importantly they are playing in an actual working railyard! One of the boys in named Sammy, he is not the Sammy from Issues 33 and 34. Sammy pretends to play dead after getting shot by Jed. He does a great job at it. There are four kids, Jed, Allan, Sammy and Robin (Jed’s little sister who brought her bear Daisy). Robin must be about 5 years old and the rest of the boys around 9 or 10. It was either stay home or take Robin with him, so JEd took Robin with him. Great babysitter and big brother that he is.

The kids play around and they see a police car approaching, so they hide. The car is actually Streetwise in alt form. First Aid, Blades, Groove and Hotspot also roll up. I guess the railyard must be a shortcut to get back to The Ark or something. That is where they are headed because they have the prisoner, Blaster. Blaster rebelled against Grimlocks orders when he and Goldbug refused to hurt some humans to capture The Mechanic.

The Protectobots call back to The Ark and they reach Wheeljack and Grimlock. They explain that Blaster is going nowhere because they have a Mode Lock on him. He’s staying in Radio mode for the time being and he is inside First Aid as well as strapped to Groove. Wheeljack asks about the other six Autobots and is told that they were captured (this happened in issue 32). As Wheeljack is saying that he is sure that Grimlock will… Grimlock pushes Wheeljack out of the way and says that he speaks for himself. Then he starts yelling about Blaster defying him and so he must be punished. Wheeljack begins to think even more about how Blaster was right after all.

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