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Love Bubbles with Hatred on Nebulos – Transformers Headmasters Mini-Series Issue #3 – 1987

Having the Decepticons come to Nebulos certainly is not working out as Lord Zarak had planned. He keeps saying that all he wanted was to keep the peace on his planet and yet he tried to undermine the one guy who was the real champion for peace, Galen. Now the Decepticons are smashing up amazing places all over the planet.

We open this issue with the Terrorcons and other Decepticons smashing up Splendora. The Nebulan people are running in terror, some are trying to fight them off but they are being overwhelmed. The Technobots, Hardhead and Brainstorm come to the rescue but the Terrorcons merge into Abominus. It is a good thing the Technobots are there because they merge into Computron and fight the titan. Meanwhile Hardhead and Brainstorm take out Apeface and Snapdragon. Computron smashes Abominus so hard that he splits back into the 5 Terrorcons. The Decepticons retreat.

The Autobots have won and get a whole bunch of grief about it because half the city was destroyed. to be fair, most of it was destroyed before the Autobots even got there. They repelled the invaders and that should count for something. the people do not trust the Autobots even those who are Headmasters and have Nebulan pilots. Soriza, a member of the council of Peers introduces herself and tells Arcana and Duros that she is sending a delegation to observe and report on the Autobot Headmasters.

At the Decepticons’ base of operations they are working on some sort of bubble machine to trap the people of Nebulos. I’m not sure why they are making this machine when they can jut destroy the people in so many ways. It is just a strange thing for them to be doing. They find a guy named Monzo and Mindwipe hypnotically removes all fear from the guy. then they encase him in a bubble and send him floating into the air. The bubble pops and Mindwipe goes and catches their test subject. Still, seems like a dumb machine that makes no sense. Their intention is to use it on the people of Nebulos to send them right up into space. again, seems like a convoluted way to destroy people that the robots can simply step on and kill.

The defeated Decepticons return. Apeface and Snapdragon tell Scorponok of their failure. He does not take it well. He smashes Snapdragon. Lord Zarak decides that this is the time for him to pipe up. He tells Scorponok that there are advantages to working with the Nebulans. Lord Zarak wants Nebulos to be free of the Autobot threat (man he is deluded) and so he will offer to become a headmaster to share Scorponok’s power so as to rid Nebulos of Galen and the Autobots and make the planet safe for his daughter. Scorponok cautions him that once he has tasted real power then other concerns fade like compassion, mercy and perhaps even daughters.

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