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A Stop at the Mall for Double AA Batteries and Mayhem – The Transformers Issue 37 – 1988

With the Autobots off world, they left in issue #35 and that story continued into issue #6, the Decepticons are running around completely unchecked. The humans cannot handle their raw power and savagery. The Predacons are raiding a chemical storage facility in Alabama and making off with canisters of liquid oxygen. At the same time the Constructicons and Blitzwing are stealing materials from a work site in Atlanta Georgia. More and more attacks continue to happen.

The members of I.I.I. The Intelligence and Information Institute are reviewing the latest developments and they are not happy about it. They look completely ineffective with all the attacks that are going on from the Decepticons. Forsythe demands that Walter Barnett get some answers about the recent attacks from the captives that I.I.I. has. Walter goes down to the lab and there he has six Autobots being kept in vehicle mode but they can be transformed with a remote control. Barnett transforms Goldbug and questions him about the activities. Goldbug says that it is strange since the Autobots can usually contain these sorts of things from the Decepticons. Goldbug also reiterates to Walter that there are two warring factions and he is part of the good guys’ side. Walter says that this assertion is unacceptable. Goldbug tells him that he can think that or not, but it is the truth.

Walter is interrupted to hear that his family is waiting for him. They have been waiting for the past hour. Young Stevie is playing with his battery powered race cars. The Barnett family leaves for the day, but not before a last call from Forsythe. Has Barnett made any progress. No. Barnett guarantees success but Forsythe says that tomorrow may be too late. This sticks in Walter’s mind all the way home.

That night Forsythe calls a press conference saying that the Decepticons need to call off their terrorist attacks or the six robots that are captured will be executed. Barnett realizes that Forsythe has just signed the death warrants of the Autobots. He drives back to I.I.I. to ask Forsythe to retract the ultimatum. It is too late, though, another robot attack has happened. Barnett tries to get Forsythe to reconsider. If the Autobots are destroyed then the humans are the ones who will be hurting.

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