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It’s All Fun and Games Until The World Ends – G.I. JOE and The Transformers Issue #4

The combined forces of The Autobots, G.I. JOE and Cobra take on the Decepticons and Power Station Alpha. The Fate of the world hangs in the balance. Bumblebee is reborn and gets a new look and a new name. Blaster, Hawk and Serpentor have a philosophical debate and Serpentor does exactly what he wants to do anyway. This alliance is quite shaky to begin with and gets completely blown apart in the end.

The issue opens with some exposition about what has happened before, Omega Supreme and Blaster provide much of this backstory to catch up the reader. We have the Autobots, along with COBRA and some of the JOEs. The Ark is shaking something fierce because Power Station Alpha has started its journey around the globe to disrupt the oceans, volcanoes, and cause earthquakes and much more. The Decepticons mean to blow up the Earth and use the resulting explosion as a battery to power Cybertron. They could have just taken the power station and sent it to Cybertron to power Cybertron, or replicate the Power station and make more to power Cybertron. Decepticons don’t seem to think long term. So, they took Power Station Alpha, made a bunch of changes to it to allow it to go to many extreme environments including underneath the Earth.

As the Autobots, COBRA and G.I. JOE prepare to stop Power Station Alpha and the destruction of the Earth, the Decepticons have decided that having Dr. Mindbender around is something they no longer will tolerate. Shockwave sends Bombshell to terminate their representative from COBRA nation. Dr. Mindbender is sending a communication to COBRA. Dr. Mindbender is giving the collected allies the plans as to where Power Station Alpha will be on its destructive course. He is interrupted by Bombshell who instead of just shooting him decides that he’s going to implant a cerebro shell and make him rip off his own arms. Bombshell is one sick bug. However, he does not get the chance…

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