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The Transformers – Ongoing Series Issue #16 – 1986 – Bumblebee’s Last Stand

This issue has Bumblebee in the throes of teenage angst? doubt? mopey-ness? Who knows he’s all sorts of down on himself over the events of the last issue, which to be honest had very little to do with him. He may be upset over G.B. Blackrock seemingly betraying the Autobots by not stopping the army from attacking. But what Bumblebee is really feeling is slightly useless because he is the smallest and weakest Autobot. Coincidentally, the Decepticons are also thinking this and they have a plan to capture Bumblebee and shove a mind control device into him to take down the Autobots. Another ill-conceived plan that will go nowhere. So, Bumblebee goes on a rebellious journey and is ambushed by the Decepticons. He escapes and is stolen by a couple of knuckleheads, Waldo and Ernie.

The Decepticons are working on their plan to attack and capture Bumblebee. They want to take control of him by implanting a Electro-Calcinator module into his Cerebro Cortex. The module is as big as Bumblebee’s head and I’m pretty sure that the Autobots are gonna know something’s up. It is going to be a while until they have Bombshell and his mind control abilities with his cerebro shells. Why are they doing this? The final obliteration of the Autobots of course.

Meanwhile the Autobots are watching a broadcast about the battle from last issue. Ratchet and Jetfire are fixing up Wheeljack and Prowl who were seemingly injured in that skirmish. The thing is, there wasn’t even any fighting between the Autobots and Decepticons in that battle. The Army knocked the Autobots around and they just left the humans to the mercy of the Decepticons. On top of that Prowl and Wheeljack weren’t even there. Only Prime, Tracks, Skids and Bumblebee were there.

Which brings us to Bumblebee who is creeping on his Autobot teammates and assuming that they are talking about him and his shortcomings as an Autobot. Where the heck did this come from? At this exact moment Optimus is giving very high praise to Bumblebee to the others. Seriously, where is all this self-doubt and mopey-ness coming from, Bee? I forgot to point out that G.B. calls Bumblebee “Bum”. That is a weird shortening of his name. At least they call him “Bee” now, much better.

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