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Scraplets? You Better Get That Checked Out! – The Transformers Issue 30 -1987

Scraplets multiply quickly and can band together into a giant hive-mind Scraplet monster. Who knew! The cure for Scraplets is found and Goldbug has to make a difficult choice. Ratbat decides to outsource his henchmen by using captured Autobots, the Throttlebots to do his dirty work. All this and G.B. Blackrock gets a psychedelic mind trip.

The issue opens with a group of Autobots on Cybertron. They are raiding a Decepticon fuel storage depot. The Autobots are the Throttlebots. I honestly don’t have as much knowledge about these guys because I never had the toys as a kid. I was starting to get out of the toys around this time and I don’t recall them ever on the TV show. So my only real experience with them is the comic books and some images on eBay of the characters. Well, these guys are self described Juice-boosters. They steal from the Decepticons all the time. Well, this time they are in over their heads. The Throttlebots are Chase, Searchlight, Wide Load, Freeway and Rollbar.

The Throttlebots end up completely outgunned and outnumbered. Rather than face the Smelting Pool or getting executed on the spot they are brought before Ratbat. Stealing fuel from Rabat, that isn’t going to end well. Ratbat gives the Throttlebots a mission on Earth. They have 10 Earth hours to get to Earth, destroy everything int he crater with some acid and get back. Astrotrain has another mission that he cannot complete unless he gets the cure. He ready is to attach a device to an appropriate human and deploy the cargo form the freighter but only if he can get the cure. I don’t think he’s gonna like what Ratbat has in mind.

Back on Earth Charlie Fong is now pushing Goldbug along the desert. He’s at the end of his line because he hasn’t had anything to drink in a long time. He finally collapses next to Goldbug at the foot of a hill. Then he hears a car in the distance. He walks up the hill only to find a Blackrock Gas Station on the other side of a road. Charlie pushes Goldbug across the street to the service station. The two guys working there quickly give Charlie some water to drink. In his haste to drink some of the water splashes onto Goldbug. The Scraplets on him begin to hiss and a couple of them fall off. Charlie has found the cure! Charlie tries to get the guys to let him wash Goldbug but they stop him because water is so scarce there, the have to truck it in. They figure that Charlie is delusional after being in the sun for so long.

We jump back over to the crater where the Space-Bridge has appeared. The Throttlebots walk off the bridge and they have huge canisters of acid. Their mission is to deploy the acid into the crater and destroy everything in the crater. Ratbat wants the Scraplet epidemic neutralized and will go as far as destroying The Earth to get it done.

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