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Autobots for Sale – The Transformers Issue #32 -1987

Goldbug, Blaster and the Throttlebots are rolling along the highway in California. After their successful survival of the Scraplets they are now on the road looking for Decepticons. Unfortunately, one found them. Vortex has been scouting for Autobots and he has found the band of rebels. He attacks them on the highway. Blaster transforms and lands on Chase and Rollbar. He uses them essentially as roller skates as they fly don the highway. Blaster attempts to take out Vortex using his Electro-Scrambler.

As the Autobots go over a bridge Rollbar is on the wrong side of the road, a quick maneuver puts Blaster right off his feet and over the side of the bridge. Luckily, he catches himself on the edge and is able to use his Electro-Scrambler to blast Vortex.

The seven Autobots are now low on fuel and they pull into a Blackrock gas station. The Autobots have made a deal with G.B. Blackrock where they protect his interests and he provides them with fuel whenever they want. This deal was struck in Transformers Issue #9. G.B. Only recently helped these seven directly in issue #30 when he provided two tanker trucks of water so that they could cure everyone from the infection of Scraplets.

As the Autobots pull into the service station the owner, Mr. Greeley, sees that they have no drivers and so identifies them as Autobots. Suddenly a R.A.A.T. Rapid Anti-Robot Assault Team mini tank busts through a wall and attacks. Blaster transforms and attempts to blast it with his Electro-Scrambler but it is out of energy. The mini tank is actually a two in one vehicle. It has a aerial unit as well and that launches to attack Blaster from the air. Blaster pull out the station sign and swats the mini tank. It crashes into a gas pump and gas goes up into the air. I guess there were no fire safety devices built into those stations at that time. The aerial unit fires at Blaster, who slides out of the way and the blast ignites the gas. The Tank driver is trapped and so Blaster rescues him before the whole station explodes. AS the Autobots leave we see Vortex trailing them from the air.

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