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Four Children Blast Off with Blaster – The Transformers Issue #36 – 1988

A Red, White and Blue Space Shuttle streaks emerges from a wormhole. Apparently it is something that can energize a bot because Sky Lynx feels like he’s newly built after emerging from warping. Sky Lynx has come to Earth’s Solar System because Wheeljack sent him a subspace communication. Sky lynx arrives a few hours before the events of the end of the last issue. He is in space at the same time as The Ark and Blaster, the kids and their Decepticon captive, Blast Off. Sky Lynx recounts his time on Cybertron and how it has just gotten worse. He was more than willing to head to Earth to help his buddy Wheeljack. Apparently Wheeljack has helped Sky Lynx out of many jams in the past.

Wheeljack must have decided that he really was going to help Blaster based on the events of the last issue. Grimlock is getting worse and worse so Wheeljack felt that he had to act. The Autobots are on The Ark and out in space looking for the Mode Lock signal to track Blaster. Grimlock demands to know why they have not found Blaster yet. Wheeljack explains that the signal is very weak. Grimlock only wants results and so he chokes Wheeljack and demands no more excuses.

We then check back in with the kids and see that they are goofing around on their space joyride in Blast Off. AS Sammy goes floating around the cockpit he grabs on to the handle of the airlock. Blaster shouts at him to let go of that. If he was to pull the latch he would be sucked out into space. Then Blaster tells the kids to stop goofing around, he has better things to do than chauffeur the kids around the galaxy. He has to stop Grimlock and get the Autobots back on task stopping the Decepticons. Then they notice that The Ark is coming after them and shooting. This brings us back up to the end of the previous issue.

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