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Daily Transformers Comic Review – The Transformers – Mini Series Issue #4 – 1985

In the fourth issue of the Transformers Mini Series we learn even more about what happened when Sparkplug was a POW in Korea as well as with the Decepticons. some of the Autobots felt that Sparkplug was a traitor and needed to be “dealt with”. Other Autobots were more sympathetic to his situation. They began to argue and fight among themselves. Specifically Huffer vs. Ironhide. In the confusion and arguing Buster and Sparkplug try and run out of the Ark but are blocked by a wall of fire from Jazz. I did not see that coming. Then Sparkplug suffers a heart attack and Ratchet transforms into an Ambulance and takes him to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital we learn more about Sparkplug’s time as a POW in Korea. He was captured and made to work on the vehicles for the Koreans. We also learn that Jesse is in a ballet class.

At the Decepticon base the Decepticons are enjoying being fully fueled up. Megatron even goes out to the Army outside their walls and the army blasts him. Megatron is not even scratched. He laughs at the army and goes back inside the base. Inside the base the Decepticons that tangled with Gears are being fixed up. Megatron then lets the Decepticons know how little he will tolerate insolence and he blasts Starscream with his fusion canon.

Back at the Autobot’s base tensions have calmed down and Huffer tells Optimus something that was found in the ship’s computer’s memory banks. Apparently when the ship crashed and the Autobots were inactive the ship’s defenses detected a Cybertronian signal in Antarctica and deployed a probe. The probe found Shockwave and also dinosaurs in The Savage Land. Yes, another Marvel Easter Egg. When the probe returns the ship adapts 5 Autobots into Dinobots to send after Shockwave. The Dinobots confront Shockwave and the probe is destroyed. What happened to these Transformers in 4 million years?

Back on the Ark the Autobots decide to transfer power from some of them to five Autobots: Optimus Prime, Huffer, Ironhide, Blue Streak and Mirage. Why they didn’t swap Brawn for Huffer is beyond me. Brawn is the strongest.

The Decepticons attack and attack the Autobots. While the Autobots hold their own for a while they are overrun and in a fight between Optimus and Megatron, Megatron gets the upperhand.

But then, the last flashback from Sparkplug happens and we learn that when he was a POW he tampered with the fuel lines and brakes on his captor’s vehicles and when captured by the Decepticons he tainted their fuel with a corrosive agent. The Decepticons fall and the Autobots are victorious… until!

Shockwave returns!

Marvel Easter Egg – The Savage Land, Mention of Ka-zar

This issue is titled – The Last Stand

Megatron – Decepticon Leader – Walther P-38 pistol
Starscream – Head Seeker – F-15 Eagle
Skywarp – Can teleport short distances – F-15 Eagle
Thundercracker – Deadly Sonic Booms – F-15 Eagle
Soundwave – Communications and spy – Tapedeck
Ravage – Top Spy and one of Soundwaves Tapes – Black Panther
Frenzy – Soundwave’s Tape – Robot
Rumble – Soundwave’s Tape – Robot
Buzzsaw – Soundwave’s Tape – Bird
Laserbeak – Soundwave’s Tape – Bird
Shockwave – Decepticon Commander

The Autobots that are in this issue are

Optimus Prime – Leader – 1973 White Freightliner
Ironhide – Grizzled old warrior – Nissan Sunny-Vanette Coach SGL
Prowl – First Officer – Datsun 280ZX Turbo Police car
Ratchet – Medic – Nissan Sunny-Vanette Coach SGL as an Ambulance
Huffer – Old Grump who fixes things – Semi-Truck
Gears – Other old grump – Pickup Truck
Bumblebee – Young excited Autobot who makes first contact with humans – VW Bug
Bluestreak – Autobot Warrior – Datsun 280ZX Turbo
Cliffjumper – Autobot Warrior – Porsche 924 Turbo
Windcharger – Autobot Warrior – Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
Hound – Tracker – Army Jeep
Jazz – Autobot Warrior – Porsche 911
Brawn – Really Strong Autobot Warrior – Toyota Land Cruiser
Sideswipe – Hotheaded Autobot Warrior – Lambourgini Countach
Sunstreaker – Sideswipe’s twin brother and concerned about his looks – Lamborghini Countach LP500S
Trailbreaker – Can make Force Fields – Toyota 4WD Hi-Lux
Mirage – Doesn’t’ want to be there can disappear – F-1 Ligier JS11 racer
Wheeljack – My favorite character, mad scientist – Lancia Stratos Turbo

Dinobots – Talked about but not seen in action
Grimlock – Leader – Tyrannosaurus Rex
Snarl – Warrior – Stegosaurus
Sludge – Warrior – Brontosaurus
Slag – Warrior – Triceratops
Swoop – Warrior – Pteranodon

Humans –
Buster Witwicky – Bookish kid who meets Bumblebee
Sparkplug Witwicky – No Nonsense Father to Buster, Mechanic
Jesse – Buster’s Girlfriend
“O” – Buster’s Friend
“O”‘s Dad – A Bar Owner

Comic Book Team for The Transformers Vol. 1, No. 4 March, 1985.

Writer – Jim Salicrup
Pencils – Frank Springer
Inks – Akin & Garvey
Lettering – John Workman
Coloring – Nel Yomtov
Editor – Bob Budiansky
Editor in Chief – Jim Shooter

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