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Daily Transformers Comic Review – The Transformers – Ongoing Series Issue #10 – 1985

The issue opens on Shockwave talking with the head of Optimus Prime. Six new Decepticons are about to be created and it is thanks to Optimus and his Creation Matrix. The issue I have with this is when did Optimus actually imbue these brain modules with the Creation Matrix? This had to have been done off panel in an earlier issue. The issue says that the brains are pulsing with the creation matrix and there is a footnote saying issue #6. Whether this means that that was the issue when Shockwave first said creation Matrix or whether it was the issue when the brains were imbued is unclear. I looked back over the issue and there is nothing said about giving life to any new Decepticon brain modules at that time. In fact that was the issue where Optimus transferred the Creation Matrix to Buster Witwicky.

The six new Decepticons are created, they are the Constructicons. These are some of the most popular characters only because they form Devastator, the first Gestalt (Combiner) and he is also called a Titan in this which is interesting since the latest subname of the comic has been Titans Return.

While the Constructicons are being created the Autobots are giving G.B. Blackrock a tour of the Ark by Prowl. While his commitment to help the Autobots is pretty sound there is a glimmer of deviousness there or greed or something, he sees the technology and in his mind is already reverse engineering it for his latest money maker.

While on the tour we learn the fate of Sunstreaker. Sunstreaker was blasted by Shockwave to illustrate a point to Megatron. He remains inoperative and there is little hope of his functioning again.

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