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The Transformers – Ongoing Series Issue #15 – 1986 – Robot Master – The Man Behind The Machines!

This issue opens on Megaton entering a strip mine in Wyoming. He’s trying to get fuel for himself. He tears apart the machine and even picks up a dump truck and tries to eat straight coal. Obviously he cannot process that as a fuel source and he completely runs out of energy and ends up completely inert.

We cut over to Walter Barnett who is meeting with the I.I.I. (Intelligence and Information Institute). They want to know all that he knows about the Transformers. The head of the I.I.I. Forrest Forsythe has called an emergency meeting to discuss what to do about the robots that have invaded. They have called upon G.B. Blackrock to tell them what he knows. G.B. attempts to explain the difference between the warring factions of Transformers. When he attempts to explain that the Autobots are good he is ushered out. The government wants to hear nothing about that. They want to give the American people a story that will reduce the risk of public panic. He gives Barnett 48 hours to come up with a plan.

Barnett goes home, yells at his kid and then notices the comic book that his son Stevie is reading. It is Robot-Master which is being published by none other than Marvel comics. Barnett reads it and gets an idea. He immediately books a flight to New York City.

At the Marvel Comics offices the comic book Robot-Master is being cancelled. The writer, Donny Finkleberg, is being tossed out on his ear just as Barnett enters the offices. Barnett invites him to lunch and pitches his idea to Donny. The government will pay him to create a story about the Transformers and who is behind them.

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