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Death, Destruction and Murder in Merry Old England – The Transformers Issue #34 – 1987

The Conclusion of the Man of Iron Story. This should be taken completely out of the storyline of the American run of Transformers comic books. Let’s just say that in the American continuity, this story did not happen. It is a good thing too because we’re going to see some Transformers doing things that you would not see in the US continuity at all. The fights are brutal and the weapons are way overpowered. Jazz destroys an entire spaceship with one shot of his gun.

This story is from the UK Run of Transformers. It reprints Transformers Issues 11 and 12 as Chapters 3 and 4 of this issue. If you want to learn more about this issue and issue #33 there is a great Wiki article on it!

Chapter Three – Man of Iron

The issue opens with “Stranger Danger” Jazz driving young Sammy Harker through the woods after having abducted him. Jazz reassures Sammy that he is not going to hurt him. He tells Sammy that there is something that he wants to tell him and there is something that he wants Sammy to tell, too. Jazz is taking Sammy to meet some of his friends. Sammy isn’t as scared now, he is interested, he can’t believe that a talking car has friends. Jazz tells him that he has quite a few friends and that Sammy may have seen some of them. As they drive along Mirage steps from the shadows, transforms and follows Jazz. Further along Trailbreaker also joins the little convoy.

But this turns out not to just be a leisurely ride in the dark through the English countryside. No, a Decepticon seeker comes from the sky. It is Thundercracker and he follows the convoy and blasts Trailbreaker. Thundercracker’s missiles tear apart the back half of Trailbreaker. A flaming wheel is seek rolling down the road. Jazz radios back to Trailbreaker who is alive but he is in really bad shape. His hole lower half has been blown away. We’re gonna assume that he dies from his injuries. From the sound of his voice he has been utterly defeated and I’m pretty sure he is not gonna make it. In these UK comics there seems to be a lot of death.

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