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Exclusive Ript Apparel Transformers Comic Book Covers

Ript Apparel is one of my favorite T-Shirt sites and also a great place to find other treasures. They recently had a couple of exclusive comic book covers for Transformers comic books. They were for the first issue of Optimus Prime and the first issue of Lost Light.

The Optimus Prime cover is a homage to the original Transformers run of comics issue #5 with Shockwave on it and the words on the wall that say, “Are All Dead”. For the Optimus one Optimus is in the same position and the wall behind him says “Are All One” Such a great cover.

The other cover is that of the movie poster for the 1986 movie, Transformers the Movie. This depicts the new Transformers that were introduced in the movie. I haven’t read Lost Light so for that, I am not sure exactly who is being depicted there.

The T-Shirt I am Wearing – The Beetle from Ript Apparel

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