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Daily Transformers Comic Review – The Transformers – Ongoing Series Issue #10 – 1985

The issue opens on Shockwave talking with the head of Optimus Prime. Six new Decepticons are about to be created and it is thanks to Optimus and his Creation Matrix. The issue I have with this is when did Optimus actually imbue these brain modules with the Creation Matrix? This had to have been done off panel in an earlier issue. The issue says that the brains are pulsing with the creation matrix and there is a footnote saying issue #6. Whether this means that that was the issue when Shockwave first said creation Matrix or whether it was the issue when the brains were imbued is unclear. I looked back over the issue and there is nothing said about giving life to any new Decepticon brain modules at that time. In fact that was the issue where Optimus transferred the Creation Matrix to Buster Witwicky.

The six new Decepticons are created, they are the Constructicons. These are some of the most popular characters only because they form Devastator, the first Gestalt (Combiner) and he is also called a Titan in this which is interesting since the latest subname of the comic has been Titans Return.

While the Constructicons are being created the Autobots are giving G.B. Blackrock a tour of the Ark by Prowl. While his commitment to help the Autobots is pretty sound there is a glimmer of deviousness there or greed or something, he sees the technology and in his mind is already reverse engineering it for his latest money maker.

While on the tour we learn the fate of Sunstreaker. Sunstreaker was blasted by Shockwave to illustrate a point to Megatron. He remains inoperative and there is little hope of his functioning again.

We also learn of Huffer being homesick and trying to create a Transdimensional Radiowave Scrambler to call Cybertron. However, he should be fixing the Ultra-Frequency Monitoring something (Prowl does not finish his sentence.) This tool is to be used to monitor for Decepticon activity. Bumblebee then calls in with news that there is activity at the Aerospace Plant. Lazerbeak creates a diversion with the Army by melting everything metal. A smokey fog is created and the Constructicons lean the plant to go on their first mission.

We next learn that Shockwave wishes to create a new Decepticon jet called Jetfire and it is once again time for the head of Optimus Prime to use the Creation Matrix. The problem is that Buster Witwicky has it and we jump over to the Witwicky garage where Sparkplug has returned home and is ready to get to work. However, there is no work to be done, Buster fixed everything with his new ability, which he does not understand.

We next meet Bomber Bill, he’s a rough and tumble trucker who has been on a long haul and is ready to come home to his lovely family. He stops off at a diner to have a something to eat but his meal is interrupted by the Constructicons stealing all the big rigs at the truck stop. They are going to use them for raw materials. Well, Bill is not going to let Old Bessie get scrapped so he chases after them. He catches up with the Autobots and flags down Huffer.

The Autobots track the Decepticons to the top of a mountain where they have built (in record time) a Transdimensional Radiowave Scrambler. Huffere has a moment of hesitation and that allows Soundwave to send out a signal (presumably to Cybertron).

Devastator fights the Autobots. He kicks their butts all over the place. they have never seen a combiner before.

As the battle rages on Huffer is ordered to go and destroy the Radiowave Scrambler. Huffer hesitates because he wants to contact Cybertron and go home. This allows Soundwave to get his signal out. When Huffer finally comes to his senses and tries to stop Soundwave Devastator punches him down. Bomber Bill sees this and tries to stop Soundwave by driving his truck into the wires that connect Soundwave to the device, Soundwave stops Old Bessie dead in her tracks and is going to crush the truck and Bomber Bill. Huffer Punches out Soundwave and catches Bill and Bessie in the other hand. I guess he is strong. I still don’t see him being stronger than Brawn.

Bomber Bill gets to go home. Huffer feels badly about messing up and has a heart to heart with Bill. Ultimately everyone makes mistakes, but Huffer is still saddened that he cannot go home.

The issue ends in the Ark where Prowl and G. B. Blackrock are listening to the phone system at the Aerospace Factory where Shockwave is frustrated that Jetfire has not been infused with the Creation Matrix. Shockwave threatens Optimus as the Prowl and G.B. listen in.

This issue is titled – The Next Best Thing To Being There!

The Decepticons that are on Earth are:

Shockwave, Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Soundwave, Ravage, Frenzy, Rumble, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak

New Decepticons – Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Hook – The constructicons that form Devastator.

The Autobots that are on Earth are:

Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Prowl, Ratchet, Huffer, Gears, Bumblebee, Bluestreak, Cliffjumper, Windcharger, Hound, Jazz, Brawn, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Mirage, Wheeljack

Dinobots – Not Seen
Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop

Humans –
Buster Witwicky, Sparkplug Witwicky, G.B. Blackrock, Bomber Bill

Comic Book Team for The Transformers Vol. 1, No. 10 November, 1985.

Writer – Bob Budiansky
Penciler – Ricardo Villamonte
Inker – Brad Joyce
Letterer – Janice Chiang
Colorist – Nel Yomtov
Editor – Mike Carlin
Editor-In-Chief – Jim Shooter

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