Titans Return Bumblebee

Unboxing Titans Return Bumblebee

titans Return Bumblebee Robot

I picked up the Titans Return Bumblebee recently. I’ve been enjoying what Bumblebee (Goldbug) has been undergoing in the Ongoing comic book series. This version of Bumblebee in this toy looks really good. The transformation is a bit clunky from Robot to vehicle. However, it is simple enough to do that it doesn’t even need to have any instructions, and I could figure it out really quickly.

I really like the head sculpt of this toy. This is the Bumblebee that I remember. It is very much the character from the cartoons which is my main basis for the love of Transformers.

Titans Return Bumblebee Vehicle

I don’t even mind that the vehicle is neither the Camaro nor the G1 volkswagon beetle. Doens’t matter, this is a really nice Bumblebee figure.

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